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Chrome extension to aid in the addition of torrents to Transmission through the RPC

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Transmission Torrent Downloader


On any supported page (which currently includes the Torrentz individual torrent pages and any page containing a magnet link), a chrome page action will be made available to aid in the torrent starting process.

chrome page action

When clicked, a chrome "popup" will be displayed. The target server will be displayed at the top. Press the button to initiate the torrent-adding process.

initiate torrent download

You will see a stream of status messages followed by either a green success message or a red error message. In the event that a green success message was output, the torrent should now be added to the transmission server.

successful output

Note: This extension requires the Transmission HTTP RPC. This can be enabled through the preferences GUI when using transmission-gtk or by setting the rpc-enabled and related rpc-* values in transmission-daemon's settings.json file when using transmission-daemon.


encryption prompt

options page


  1. Download the transmissionDownload.crx file
  2. Open it with chrome
  3. Accept security warnings


Building / Releasing

  1. Open chrome://extensions in chrome
  2. Enable developer mode
  3. Delete transmissionDownload.crx from repo directory
  4. Delete images/screenshots
  5. Bump version number in updateInfo.xml
  6. Bump version number in manifest.json
  7. Press "Load unpacked extension..." button
  8. Choose repo directory
  9. Press "Pack extension..." button
  10. Choose repo directory
  11. If making an official release, choose signature file as well
  12. Move generated transmissionDownload.crx file to repo directory
  13. Checkout images/screenshots
  14. Update README, screenshots
  15. Commit, tag, and push